Assists in compiling the land survey data
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Visualize, edit and process data from the land survey devices with the dedicated suite featuring full geodetic coordinate geometry computations. It works with map projections and creates, edits and examines points, lines, polygons, text, and alignments.

LISCAD is a complex software solution capable of assisting specialists in compiling land survey data. It comes packed with lots of functions like rigorous geodetic computations, 2D and 3D transformations, or volume computations.

The installment can be done pretty easy though it does take several minutes to complete. Once you start it, you are greeted by a fairly basic interface, with pale colors and poorly crafted menus and icons. There are no theme options, but only some basic toolbar customizations.

Though it's interface is far from outstanding, the embedded features are nothing like it. They offer flexibility, allow users to do their job with ease, and unlike other similar utilities they don't require a deep learning curve.
LISCAD provides the means to perform 3D visualization and volume computations. In addition, you have point clouds that can be imported, viewed, edited and utilized for virtual surveying workflows.
Above all that, users can customize code structure, projections, toolbars, fonts and other aspects of the system.

To conclude, LISCAD is a comprehensive software utility for performing visualizations and land data processing. Though it's easy to use, you should have minimal knowledge in this work field. It does have an above-average resource consumption and at times it may feel unresponsive, but still, you should give it try.

John Saunders
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  • Includes 2D and 3D transformations
  • Can perform geodetic computations
  • Has code structure customizations


  • Consumes lots of system resources
  • Feels unresponsive at times
  • Has poorly crafted menus and icons
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